Lussory Chardonnay 750ml (Alcohol Free)

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Spain, Chardonnay, 0% ABV

Lussory Premium White Chardonnay is derived from Spain’s Airen and Chardonnay grape varieties. The Chardonnay derived is dry with a light golden yellow tint and medium sized bubbles that persist in a steady stream. Clean and refreshing to the nose, the syrupy hints leave a fresh punch on the palate. Give your occasions a Lussory touch with this exclusive, limited edition wine manufactured through a new-patented dealcoholisation system that allows the creation of a wine that is one hundred per cent pure, but totally alcohol free. Lussory is passion, intelligence and creativity in wine making brought together by years of research. Makes Skin Glow, Help Fight Skin Ageing, Reduces Acne.