2 x Imayotsukasa GOLD Koi Nishikigoi (FOC Martell XO)

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Japan, Sake, 16% ABV

This liquor was made for a government-sponsored appraisal and can only be made in very small quantities each year. The sake was put in a pottery bottle with pure gold on it, and then put in a paulownia box that was hollowed out in a Nishikigoi shape by a person who handles wooden toys that are also used by the imperial family. The contents, bottles, and paulownia boxes are all carefully made by craftsmen, and we are very particular about them. An autographed serial number is also included, and a branding iron for the rice harvest year is also included.

In "Koi NISHIKIGOI", the grade and rice is kept a secret – this is to allow one's sense of smell and taste to be surprised, appreciating its flavour and aroma without sight and knowledge of it.