2024 H15 CNY Hamper Dragon’s Blessings 祥龙瑞气

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1. Grand Royal Bird’s Nest with American Ginseng, White Fungus and Rock Sugar 70ml x3
2. Crown Supreme Bird’s Nest with Korean Red Ginseng & White Fungus 150ml x3
3. Essence of Chicken with American Ginseng and Cordyceps 70ml x3
4. Premium Braised Abalone Japanese Species (8-10pcs) 425g x2
5. Premium Braised Abalone with King Oyster Mushroom 425g x1
6. Premium Snow Bird’s Nest 80g x1
7. Premium Zun Long Yu Xi Tea 30g x1
8. High Graded Tremella 30g x1
9. Premium Pu Er Tea 30g x2
10. Graded Dates 80g x1
11. Selected Fish Mau 21g x1
12. Graded Cordyceps Flower 30g x1
13. Selected Ginseng Slice 25g x1
14. Ginseng Candy 50g x2
15. Napoleon V Marengo Blue Sapphire XO 700ml x1
16. Feranttino Classico Reserve Limited edition 700ml x1
17. Chinese New Year Lantern Decoration x1
18. Glazed Bamboo Decoration x1
19. Chinese New Year Greeting Card x1

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