Devil's Rock Pinot Noir 750ml

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Germany, Pinot Noir, 12.5% ABV

Taste: Smooth and fruity reds are medium-bodied or full-bodied wines that often have a trace of sweetness. Soft fruitiness is a typical characteristic of these wines.

You can discern notes of ripe or dried fruits and delicate spiciness in these wines. With low or medium tannins, they are also suitable for those with a sensitive mouth.

Tips for use: These versatile players of the red wine world are ideal for socialising and buffet tables.

Try with sweet-and-sour pork stew, Thai chicken curry or spicy sausages, such as chorizo or salami.

How to serve: Red wines are best served slightly below room temperature, at 16–18°C. Chilling a bottle from room temperature to the perfect serving temperature takes about half an hour in a fridge.