Jinro is Back Soju Somaek Bundle

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Bundle Includes:

  • 6 x Jinro is Back Soju
  • 12x Hite Beer Can 355ml

Somaek is a mixture of beer and soju popular among youth in South Korea. The perfect Somaek recipe: Fill three-quarters of a glass with white beer and top it off with a shot or two of soju. Tap the bottom of the glass with a stirrer to allow the Jinro to combine with the carbonated fizz of the beer. Best paired with fried chicken and taste refreshingly good!

Hite offers unmatched freshness and an authentic lager flavour thanks to the upgraded Extra Cold processing technology. Produced just above the freezing point throughout the entire production process, from ageing to filtration, to create unmatched freshness and the authentic pale lager flavour.