Lussory Merlot 750ml (Alcohol Free)

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Spain, Merlot, 0% ABV

Lussory Premium Red Merlot is a Premium Red Wine derived from Spanish grape varieties, the Tempranillo and the Merlot. Give your occasions a Lussory touch with this exclusive, limited edition wine manufactured through a new, patented dealcoholisation system that allows for the creation of a wine that is one hundred per cent pure, but totally alcohol free. With a smooth texture and a hint of red berries, Lussory Premium Red Merlot is a dry wine with no sweetness, and pairs beautifully with game dishes.

Lussory comes highly recommended by cardiologists (including the head of Cardiovascular Department in Santiago de Compostela Hospital, Dr. Jose Bengechea), neurologists and nutritionists for its health benefits. Makes Skin Glow, Help Fight Skin Ageing, Reduces Acne.