Moutai Prince Gold 500ml

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China, Baijiu, 53% ABV

Moutai Prince is the first product of the Sauce Aroma series launched by Guizhou Moutai Liquor Co. It is brewed entirely in accordance with the traditional craft of miso fragrance, using high quality glutinous sorghum, wheat and water as raw materials, and is carefully brewed using the traditional craft of Daqu miso fragrant liquor, made from locally produced organic sorghum and wheat. Moutai Prince usually takes at least three years to produce from the time of feeding to the time the product leaves the factory (one year for base wine production, more than one year for sorting and storage, and a few months for the finished product to be blended). It is a direct lineage brand of Guizhou Moutai Wine and is the closest in quality and taste to Moutai Wine of all the saucy spirits. The Golden Prince is one of the more popular of the Moutai Prince series, with a prominent sauce flavour, a heavy mouthfeel and a slightly bitter finish, typical of the Moutai style.