Simple Organics Soft Drinks 12 x 330ml

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Master blenders have created organic sodas that simply have less sugar, without using any low-calorie sweeteners. Simple Organic Sodas have 35% less sugar than the leading brands, and just as much flavour.


COLA - With a natural cola flavour made from spice and citrus essential oils, kola nut extract, and vanilla bean extract. 

LEMONADE - With organic sugar, organic lemon juice, and natural lemon flavour. 

GINGER BEER - With organic ginger juice and ginger root extract. 

LEMON LIME & BITTERS - With organic lemon juice, organic lime juice, and gentian root extract, which is natural bitters flavour. 

PINK GRAPEFRUIT - With pink grapefruit juice, organic lemon juice and black carrot juice. 


PASSIONFRUIT - With organic passionfruit juice, organic lemon juice and safflower extract, which is natural colour.